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Turn Me On
This ident was used when Ten realised that the younger market was it's best target. The graphics were preety basic, with no real theme. A lot of graphics were adapted from the previous ident's theme.
709KB Lineup/Id/Sport
915KB "Good News Week"
1.11MB "Neighbours"
578KB "Law & Order"
637KB Car Crash
A very nice ident Ten used to attract older audiences. The graphics were very 'soothing' to match the ident.
360KB Version 1
Give Me Ten
There were heaps of idents with the slogan 'Give Me Ten'. A whole station revamp came with this ident, including Ten News.
711KB Newspaper
403KB City
423KB Melbourne Cup

The Entertainment Network
This was the first ident to use the round Ten logo, very similar to the logo used in the mid 80's. The word 'TEN' was implied to be an acronym for The Entertainment Network.
341KB Generic
743KB City (1993)
Ten revamped their whole identity in 1989 with 10 TV Australia. It was intended to bring Ten back to life from its then current struggling position, although it didn't work.
154KB Generic
257KB Sydney

These idents are very nicely made, with the Ten logo appearing to be made out of glass. This was the only set of idents used for this logo, the shortest used logo Ten has had. This was the first '10' logo seen by people in Brisbane and Perth.
400KB Version 1
425KB Version 2
This is the ID used by Ten when it covered the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.
435KB Australia
Ten used this ID when it covered the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
144KB Olympics
This was the logo used by Ten during the only 2 Olympic Games the network has ever covered.
389KB Generic
TEN10 Late 70's
An ID from TEN10 Sydney, with the city's skyline in the background. Unfortunately no video of this ID, only a still. It would have been used sometime between 1975 and 1980.
TEN10 Late 70's
What looks like an updated version of the animated ID below, this TEN10 Sydney ID would have been used in the late 70's. Again, no video only a still.
TEN10 c. 1975
Used to introduce colour TV in 1975, this ID is the same as the black and white one before it but with added colour in the end scene.
171KB Generic
TEN10 c. 1965-1975
One of TEN10 Sydney's first ever IDs, used for over a decade and converted to colour in 1975 (see above).
153KB Generic
Special thanks to Fintan O'Mahony, Simon Joplin, Michael Costello, Paul Mech, Evan Davies and Winston Yang for videos on this page!


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